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Still in effect:  Masks will no longer be required for fully vaccinated persons.

If not fully vaccinated, persons should follow CDC guidelines and wear a face mask. The transepts will remain roped for those who wish to continue to practice social distancing. Social distancing will continue to be practiced for the Communion procession. The boxes at the doors of the church will continue to be used for your personal offerings.


Liturgical ministers.  Vaccinated ministers need not wear a mask. While this now applies to all ministers of Communion, priests, deacons and Extraordinary Ministers, it has been left to the pastors to make any accommodation as deemed best for the local parish. At Mount Carmel, all ministers of Holy Communion will continue to wear masks for the distribution of Holy Communion to accommodate the comfort level of all parishioners.

The Reception of Holy Communion.

Communion on the tongue is now permitted. For both methods of receiving, in the hand and on the tongue, please be sure to follow these procedures:

-On the tongue.  Please open your mouth as wide as possible and put your tongue out and keep it open and out until the minister withdraws his/her hand. The minister will not put the host on your tongue if it is not extended outside the mouth.

-In the hand.  As has often been announced, please keep your palm flat, not curled or cupped. The purpose of the flat palm is so the minister can place the host without physical contact, which is very hard if you curl or cup your hand.

Please continue to maintain social distancing in the Communion Procession.

Holy Water fonts. 

The holy water fonts will now be re-filled. The holy water dispensers will continue to be available for those who wish to continue to use them.

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