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Although many in the Ridgewood environs may not recognize the name or location of the city of Fairview. which lies just south of the of Palisades Park, it is still part of Bergen County. "Growing up in a single- parent household and with his mother often working, a kid easily could get mixed up with the wrong crowd. Indeed, Frank Del Vecchio recalls police officers showing up at his doorstep on more than one occasion responding to a report of drug use by another family member.


fdelvecchioIndeed, Frank Del Vecchio recalls police officers showing up at his doorstep on more than one occasion responding to a report of drug use by another family member.

Rather then stray down the wrong path, however, Del Vecchio decided at age 12 he wanted to go into law enforcement. He started out as a special police officer in April 1989 and became a sworn police officer, and moving up through the ranks, During this time, taking a leave of absence from the Fairview Police Department, for a period of 3 years, he served as Bergen County's Director of Public Safety. Returning to Fairview he was promoted to Police Chief, in December of 2010. And so finally after 25 years, he will retire as Police Chief of Fairview, on May 1, 2014.

As noted in the Record, as his retirement approached. Frank has been already turning his attention to continuing to help others, this was further noted in Mount Carmel's Year End Christmas Brochure - "Turning the Page on 2013." (which can be found on this website)

In the brochure Frank was featured in training for the Run For Hope Foundation, this was a foundation that he started to raise money for the families that were victims of the 9/11 World Trade Center attack, along with wounded Marines and survivors of other natural disasters. In the Mt. Carmel article, it featured his training on running 106 miles in 30 hours down the length of New Jersey, in support of those families whose homes were devastated by Hurricane Sandy.

During this time, he trained for nearly five months despite injuring his back shortly before the event was to take place. There was no thought of Frank's cancelling the event, As said by his close friend, Ken Schmitt, who met Frank when they were both volunteer members of the Fairview Ambulance Corps. Some 25 years ago.

Prior to Frank's leaving, he and his close friend, Ken Schmitt, (Vice Principal of Cliffside Park High School) started a youth support program called "RISE" which is a youth mentoring program in which the police department mentors high school students, who in turn mentor younger kids. As Vice Principal Ken tries to identify youngsters.

Because of Frank has endured tough times growing up, he's passionate about making sure that today's youth have support and guidance, Ken Schmitt said. Furthermore Ken said is the way Frank speaks to them, and that is, "Whatever the problem is today, you can work through it, and don't blame others." Other initiatives that Frank introduced during his Fairview tenure, include junior police academy, Halloween Fun Night, and what Frank is most proud of was while he worked as a juvenile officer.

Frank looks forward to spending more time with his family, (see photos following this article) and in the Ridgewood community. Frank is also available for any advice / help from any of Mt. Carmel's Parishioners. He can be reached through Mt. Carmel's rectory telephone (201-444-2000) Additional Articles may be viewed a few of the websites listed below.

http://newjersey.news12.com/features/sandy/fairview-police .




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