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scarletblack1983, 156 minutes
This riveting drama is based on the true-life story of Vatican priest Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty (Gregory Peck), who helped allied P.O.W.s escape from Nazi-occupied Rome. O'Flaherty challenged Nazi officers and his Vatican superiors to save the lives of Jews during World War II. With German soldiers controlling Rome, O'Flaherty made a determined effort to hide and shuttle to safety as many Jews from the city as possible. Rating: NR
Category: Jr. High to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

shoesfisherman1968, 162 minutes
A priest (Anthony Quinn, in an inspired performance) who's spent 20 years in a Siberian labor camp rises to become the first Russian pope in this passionate drama that garnered two Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe nod for Best Picture and a Golden Globe win for Best Original Score. Despite world crisis and the prospect of global nuclear war, the newly elected pope refuses to lose touch with the people. Laurence Olivier co-stars. Rating: G
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

She was born Jeanne-Paule-Marie Deckers and in September 1959 entered the Missionary Dominican Sisters of Our Lady of Fichermont who had been founded to provide assistance to the Dominican friars in their missions in the Belgian Congo. While in the convent, she wrote, sang and performed her own songs, which were so well received by her fellow Sisters and by visitors, that her religious superiors decided to let her record an album, launching her musical career. Rating: NR
Category: Jr. High to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon

soundofmusic1965, 174 minutes
In Rodgers and Hammerstein's greatest collaboration, a feisty postulant named Maria (Julie Andrews) is sent to care for the unruly, motherless Von Trapp children. She soon tames them -- andì finds herself falling for their stern father (Christopher Plummer). Oscar-winning director Robert Wise used stunning Austrian locations to transform the popular stage musical into a cinema classic in which the hills truly seemed to come alive. Rating: G
Category: Entire Family     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

Staircase1998, 95 Minutes
The Staircase, based on the real legend of the "miraculous stairway" at the Sisters of Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico is an inspirational, life-affirming drama of hope and faith. Mother Madalyn's (Barbara Hershey) last wish is that her beloved chapel be completed. However when local carpenters built the chapel, they neglected to erect stairs up to the choir loft, and due to the chapel's construction, adding a staircase is now impossible. The arrival of Joad (William Petersen), may be the answer to Mother Madalyn's prayers. Rating: Not Rated
Category: Jr. High to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

Therese2004, 96 minutes
The story of one of the most popular saints in modern times, "Therese" (2004) examines the life of a girl who fell in love with God. Born into a bourgeois family in 1873, young Therese, played by Lindsay Younce, joined the Carmelite nuns when she was just 15. Believing that holiness could be attained through the smallest acts of love and compassion, she called her path the "little way." After her tragic death at 24, her published journal detailing her philosophy became extremely popular and helped lead to her sainthood in 1925. Rating: PG
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: RE - Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

savealife2009, 120 minutes
After tragedy strikes a childhood friend, Jake reevaluates his life. By reaching out to lonely outsider Jonny, Jake risks losing everything that matters most to him, including a college scholarship and his friends. Rating: PG-13
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

vteastercarol2004, 49 minutes
When Mr. Nezzer tries to knock St. Bart's church down to make way for his new amusement park, Easter Land, he is visited by a vision of the late Granny Nezzer. She tells him to expect a visitor. The visitor, a small angel named Hope, shows him the past, present, and future of Nezzer's Easter, helping him see the error of his ways. Rating: NR
Category: Grades PreK-2     
Location: RE - Ridgewood PL - Netflix - Amazon - Trailer

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Parish Video Library


Our Parish Video Library contains a list of recommended movies and DVDs for all age groups in a variety of different categories.
You can find these in different locations:
Ridgewood Public Library (Ridgewood PL), The Youth Center (YC) & Religious Ed Center (RE), and at Netflix or Amazon.com