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Now that the “historic” blizzard of 2015 is behind us, maybe the wicked weather we’ve been experiencing, cold, ice, snow, will also be behind us.  But not if you believe the forecasters’ predictions for early this coming week.  And once the Super Bowl is over, we can face the February doldrums.  When I was in the seminary which was located in the Darlington section of Mahwah in those days, we used to call this time “Darlington February,” meaning nothing to look forward to.  I’m sure the current seminarians at Seton Hall don’t quite look at it in the same way.

Kailey was a seven year old, living in the Boston area.  As her 8th birthday approached, her parents asked her what she wanted.  She responded, “350 pairs of shoes.”  Asked again, she responded in the same way.  Then she explained that she had seen a program on the Disney Channel, the story of a girl who had collected shoes to give to the poor and needy and she wanted to do the same for her birthday.  Long story short, through social media, she collected 432 pairs of “footwear,” which she donated to those in need.  You can catch the whole story by goggling <Kailey’s Fantabulous Footwear> on the Internet. 

For those who may have been away last weekend, especially families of children who didn’t return to school until last Monday, I wish you a Happy New Year.  May it be filled with blessings and graces, that you may truly experience God’s love for you in this New Year in a deeper and more animating way. 

The flip of a calendar doesn’t necessarily mark anything special, but it does afford the opportunity to stop and “take stock” of what’s going on.  That change of calendars happened last Thursday, and so it is a good time to take that stock. 

Firstly, to recognize blessings and say thanks.  The first reading of the Mass for the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, New Year’s Day, begins “Say to them (the Israelites): ‘The Lord bless you and keep you.”  We here at OLMC are so blessed in so many ways.  One of those blessings is the people who are so good to us, sharing their time and talents.

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