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Dear Friends,

Hope, after this weekend, I will get back on track for not writing another column for the rest of the summer. And, hopefully, this column will be shorter than most. But I wanted to write for the last time about three activities, events that are either beginning of winding down.

The first is the planned re-opening of Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration. For almost 18 years Mount Carmel has been the only place in Bergen County where a person could go and pray, anytime, night or day, in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. And I am convinced that we have stayed together as a community of faith and grown together, because of this extraordinary gift of faith. As we plan to re-open, we need to find people of prayer who are willing to spend time covering the hours needed to keep the Chapel open around the clock. Not only will you find it a time to deepen your personal relationship with the Lord, it will be a gift and grace you offer to others because the Chapel can only be open if someone is there. By your presence you make it possible for others to come, anytime they feel the desire or the need to be in touch with the Lord in His sacramental presence. What a grace you offer to others. Please check out the remaining hours (many have already responded), listed on the following page of this bulletin, and offer yourself for this deeply spiritual work.

On the winding down side, I remind every parish household of the Annual Appeal of the Archdiocese. It funds so many activities of the Church of Newark, especially the almost two million dollar a year subsidy to Catholic Charities to continue its mission to the hungry, the homeless and all in need. If you have not already made a gift, please Join the over 350 households who have already done so. Simply click on the 2021 ANNUAL APPEAL link on the top of our parish website homepage.

And speaking of Covid 19, the last item on my agenda in the post-pandemic world. Will it be different from the world we knew before March 2020? What will change? What will be the same? There is really no one to give us an answer to these questions. What will the parish be like? What will our faith lives be like? While we may not have those answers now, as a faith community, both locally in Ridgewood and in the Archdiocese as well, this is something we don t want to leave to chance. OLMC, along with all 220 parishes of the Archdiocese are planning for that future. So, you may have noticed the new logo on the front cover of the bulletin, Reengaging CHRIST in Community. Depicted on the left hand side is a host, the symbol of the Eucharist, and three worshippers. In a very special and particular way, we encounter Christ; we meet Christ, in the celebration of the Eucharist. Christ feeds us, sustains us and "grows" us into Himself in the Eucharist. After 18 months, everyone needs to reengage the Eucharistic Christ. On the right, the vine and the branches are depicted. We also meet Christ in the community, with those with whom we are charged to be Christ in the world, to witness to God s love in and through Christ and to be a community in which the world, itself, encounters the love of God to be, as the Mission Statement says, "the Light of the World." The fall will be totally dedicated to that effort, in many different ways. I Just wanted you to be aware of the logo and what it stands for and to pray every day for the success of the effort, most especially here at OLMC, and throughout the Archdiocese.

Thanks for your time and enJoy the rest of the summer.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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