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Dear Friends,

Two things: (1) some Covid up-dates and (2) a spiritual reflection.

On the Covid up-dates. We are opening up the St. Jude transept (Passaic Street side) at all the masses. Hopefully, with vacations over, the numbers of those who would like to return to "coming to mass" will increase and the opened transept will allow for this. It will also allow for the handicapped row to be readily available at every mass. Please keep some things in mind. Even in the transepts, please follow the directionality of the arrows on the floor. Please do not cut across the back aisle (closest to the statue, except where the arrows indicate The only exception to this are those who are headed to the handicapped row since, obviously, they have mobility issues. Also, please observe the social distancing guidelines as indicated on the boards as you enter the church and also the wearing of masks at all times in the church. While it may be uncomfortable to wear them, masks are a proven way to prevent the spread of Covid. Thank you for your cooperation in this.

The reception of Holy Communion in the transepts will be a little different from the main body of the church. Because the aisle in the transepts is narrower than the center, there will be only one minister giving out communion. To keep a crowd from developing, only one side of the transept will be invited to communion at a time, pew by pew, household by household. Please follow the invitation of the usher at that time and the directionality of the arrows. And remember, Communion should be received in the hand. For the time being, the Hudson Street transept will remain closed.

FYI. We have purchased new electrostatic sprayers to disinfect the church between all the masses, as well as all the other buildings on the grounds.

I want to remind everyone that we take all these precautions because we want to be sure that we create and maintain as safe an environment as possible. This also includes the "registration" (not reservation) system that we are currently using. The registration is for the purpose of being able to contract trace in the event of an outbreak. Please continue to use the on-line (preferred) registration or the dedicated phone line to register. We have been noticing more walk-ins in recent weeks. If you could register beforehand, it would speed things up, but we will never turn anyone away.

Thanks for all the understanding and cooperation we've been getting in these many months.

A spiritual reflection.

One of the great temptations I have is to constantly say to myself, "when this is over, when this gets better, when we get back to normal." A few months ago, I came upon this meditation in Magnificat, which I try to read every day. I hope it helps.

We can't believe simultaneously in Chance and Providence. We do in fact believe in Providence, but we live as if we believed in Chance. It is from this that the inconsistencies in our lives stem.

And yet we receive each morning and each day in its entirety from the hands of God. God gives us a day which has been prepared for us by him. There are no "too muches" or "not enough" in it. No part of it is neutral; no part of it is useless. It is a masterpiece of a day that he has just asked us to live. But we regard it as just another agenda sheet - with a number and a month upon it. We treat it casually like a sheet of paper. If we could research the history of the world and watch this day as it was being developed and formed from the beginning of time, we would grasp the unique value of one single human day. And if we had a little faith we would want to go down on our knees before the day that we experience as Christians.

We are charged with an energy which is way out of proportion to the measure of our world: the faith that moves mountains, the hope that refuses to accept that something is impossible, the love which sets the world on fire. Each minute of our day, wherever we're supposed to be and whatever we're supposed to be doing, allows Christ to live through us in the midst of human beings. So there is no more question of calculating the effectiveness of our time . We make our humble measurement of the will of God. The time is now. The work is now. God will take care of the rest.

Be well, be safe and God bless,
Fr. Ron


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