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Dear Friends,

In past years it would have been my practice to take a sabbatical from my weekly column. Circumstances have forced a change this year but I am sure you are tired from reading about COVID and social distancing and the like, even from your pastor. So, unless something new develops, this will be my last column for at least a few weeks. That being said, I want to go over a few things for the last time.

1. We will continue the registration for Sunday masses, both through the parish website and the special phone extension on the rectory main phone line. We do this for two reasons: (1) to help us be sure we’re staying within, or near, the capacity number set by the state. We have a big church and we can easily accommodate a few extras. We will not turn anyone away. The second reason is for the purpose of contact tracing in the event there is ever an outbreak. I hope we can get to the day when you only have to drop off the confirmation in a box, instead of being “checked in.” That will make for a faster entrance.

2. We will continue to move toward the time when you may choose your own seat. For this to happen, everyone needs to become very familiar with the seating chart at all the doors of the church and on the homepage of the website. The better you understand the chart, the easier and faster it will be to be seated for mass. As we have tried to relax the need “to be seated,” I have noticed some who enter and take seats toward the back of the church. This may be vey “Catholic” but is not always the most efficient use of the space and certainly does add to the time for the “communion procession” to make its way to the front of the church.

3. Until capacity is raised, we will continue to avoid use of the transepts, but may I suggest a greater use of the different entrances to the church. This also helps even out the distribution of people throughout the church and helps for the “communion procession” as well. And it will certainly help if the capacity is ever raised.

4. The “communion procession” will continue to be directed by the ushers, since the understanding “household by household” is easy to forget.

5. I would hope the exiting of the church will also flow more easily, remembering if you’re exiting the front of the church, you move down the side aisles, if you’re exiting the side entrances, you move up the center aisle. A simple rule – follow the directionality of the arrows on the floor.

6. The pews and railings will continue to be sanitized between masses and hand sanitizers are at all the doors. Use them as often as you like.

I want to thank you for your continued cooperation in all of this “new way of living.” I know it must get annoying listening to these same messages week after week.

A few other loose ends to tie up. Confessions will continue to be heard in the Adoration Chapel and the Cry Room. We still have not figured out a way to properly ventilate the confessionals. Please pay attention to the signage at the Passaic Street entrance as to how to line up. Always remember that if you’re not feeling well to please stay home. Masks are required anywhere inside the church building. The rectory office will open this Monday, July 20th, with a slight change in hours. It will be open from 9:00am-1:00pm and 2:00pm-4:00pm, Monday through Friday. It will be closed on Saturdays and Sundays. Masks and social distancing will be required. This means that, as perhaps you have experienced at the banks, you may have to wait outside if, by coincidence, there are too many people inside. We are not yet ready to open the 2021 mass book. It will be sometime in August but a specific date has yet to be decided.

May God continue to walk with us, and all of His creation, as we try to find our way out of this pandemic.

Be well, be safe & God Bless,
Fr. Ron


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