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There are actually two different images of the Divine Mercy.
Here is a side by side comparison!


LOCATION: Vilna, Lithuania - Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
ARTIST: Eugenio Kazimirowski (November 11, 1873 - September 23, 1939)

This is the original painting done at the request of Sr. Faustina, now St. Faustina, who saw this image of Christ in multiple visions. The image of Jesus asked Sr. Faustina to have the image painted with the words "Jesus I Trust In You" at the bottom of the image. Kazimirowski painted the image as St. Faustina described it to him. He spent all of June and July of 1934 completing it.

BORN: Helena Kowalska on August 25,1905 in Lodz, Poland
DIED: October 5, 1938 in Krakow, Poland
CANONIZED A SAINT: April 30, 2000 by Pope John Paul II

Born Helena Kowalska, she was the third of ten children. She kept feeling a pull to religious life. At the age of nineteen she asked her father to allow her to enter a convent. Her father was dead set against it and refused to give his permission.

Helena left her home and went to Warsaw where she approahed several orders of nuns but no one wanted her. Finally, the Congregation of the Sisters of Lady of Mercy allowed her to join IF she could pay for her own habit (clothing nuns wear).

Her parents were present when she accepted her vows to become a nun. Her father later agreed. When Helena accepted her vows she also took on a new name (which was common for those entering convents). She now became Sr. Maria Faustina. "Maria" in honor of the Virgin Mary and "Faustina" which means "fortunate or blessed one".

Though out her life, Faustina is said to have seen visions of Jesus and also to have conversations with Him. She kept a diary of these visions and conversations after she was encouraged to do so by a priest, Fr. Sopocko.

On Sunday, February 22, 1931, Jesus appeared to Sr.Faustina again saying He was the King of Divine Mercy. According to her diary, Jesus then instructed her to have a painting made of the image she saw with the words "Jesus, I trust in you" at the bottom.

Sr. Fautina, with the help of Fr. Sopocko, hired Eugenio Kazimirowski to paint the image.

Sr. Faustina who's health was very poor due to tuberculosis and died a few years after the image was completed. She was 33 years old


DivineMercy Real

Krakow-Lagiewnki, Poland - Sanctuary of the Divine Mercy
ARTIST:Adolf Hayla (May 2, 1897 - December 24, 1965)

St. Faustina never saw this image. it was completed five years after her death. Yet, it is more popular than the original painted by Kazimirowski.


Helene Kowalska after becoming
Sr. Maria Faustina.


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