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francis of assisi prayer card16072lgSaint Francis of Assisi:
Born:  12th Century AD (1181)
Died:   1226
Canonization Date:
Feast Day:  October 4th
Patron Saint: Environmentalists, Animals, Merchants

Saint Francis was born in the town of Assisi in Italy in 1182. At the age of 20 he devoted himself to a life of prayer. Three years later, Francis embraced a life of poverty and dedicated himself to God.

Francis was a lover of nature. He took long walks through the countryside and studied its plants and trees. Francis felt that all plants and animals were part of God's kingdom.

Saint Francis is the founder of the Franciscan religious order. He is the patron saint of those who care for plants and animals.

Blessing of the Animals celebrations are held on October 4, the feast of Saint Francis, all over the United States. They are often held outdoors. A priest blesses each pet by praying a special prayer and sprinkling the pet with holy water.

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StLouisedeMarillacSaint Louise de Marillac:
Born:  1591
Died:  1660
Canonization Date: 1934
Feast Day:   March 15
Patron Saint Of: Social Workers, Widows, Vincentian Service Corps

Saint Louise de Marillac felt called to become a nun, but was advised by her confessor to marry instead. Louise was happily married for 12 years before her husband fell ill and died. She and her husband had one child, Michael, who remained a large part of Louise's life despite her many endeavors. After her husband's death, Saint Vincent de Paul became her spiritual advisor. Louise realized the importance of Vincent's ministry and devoted the rest of her life to working alongside him. She established the Vincentian Sisters of Charity, who worked to care for the sick, poor, and forgotten. Louise traveled throughout France, placing her Sisters in hospitals and orphanages. At the time of her death in 1660, her congregation had more than 40 houses in France. Saint Louise de Marillac is the patroness of social workers, widows, and the Vincentian Service Corps.  

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