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Incarnation: The truth that Jesus Christ, the Son of God and the Second Divine Person of the Trinity, is both fully God and fully man.

Messiah: Hebrew word for "anointed one."  The equivalent Greek term is christos.  Jesus is the Christ and the Messiah because he is the Anointed One.

Mediator: A person in a middle position who facilitates communication and relationship between two people or groups.  Because Jesus Christ is both God and man, he is the one and perfect mediator between us and God.

Blessing: A form of prayer in which we ask for God's loving care for someone.

Intercession: A form of petition in which we ask for God's help for others.

Thanksgiving: A form of prayer in which we express thanks and gratitude for the gifts God has given us.

Petition: A prayer form in which we ask God for forgiveness or help with something.

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