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Born: August 29, 1769 - Grenoble, France Died: November 18, 1852 - St. Charles, Missouri Canonization Date: July 3, 1988 by Pope John Paul II Feast Day: November 18th Patron: Diocese of Springfield - Cape Girardeau

Rose was born in France and at the age of nineteen became a nun.  In 1818 she was sent to the United States and set up the first community house for her religious community, The Society of the Sacred Heart. Her entire life, Rose had a desire to work with the Native American Community and at the age of 71, went with a group of sisters to work at a newly formed reservation in Kansas for displaced members of the Potawatoni Indian Tribe. Rose worked with the children and cared for the ill members of the tribe. She gained the respect of the Native Americans who renamed her "Quahkahkanumad" which means "Woman who prays always". She died in 1852.

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Born: July 21, 1654 - Ginatilan, Philippines Died:April 2, 1672 - Tumon, Guam
Canonization Date: October 21, 2012 by Pope Benedict XVI
Feast Day: April 2nd
Patron: Filipino Youth, The Philippines, Guam, Catechumens, Altar Boys

Pedro was born in the Visayas region of the Philippines and became a catechist (religion teacher). He traveled with a group of Jesuit Missionaries to the Ladrones Islands (now part of Guam). Here, he helped to convert the local tribe, known as the Chamorro, to the Christian Faith. Mata'pang, the Chief of the tribe did not convert but his wife did. When she gave birth to a daughter, she asked Fr. San Vitores to baptize her child. Pedro assisted the priest in doing so. When Meta'pang found out his daughter had been baptized he sought the priest out. Pedro was still with him. According to testimony of witnesses, Pedro had plenty of time to escape and save his life, but instead he stayed and stood in front of the priest to try and protect him. Meta'pang threw a spear, which entered Pedro's chest killing him. Meta'pang then killed the priest. To make sure they were truly dead, he tied large stones to their bodies, took them out to sea and threw them overboard into the ocean. Pedro Calungsad was seventeen years old at the time of his martyrdom.

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