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Junior High Parent Sessions



There will be NO CONFESSIONS this coming Monday, February 18, 2019 (Presidents' Day)

Remember to access AFTER the monthly class!

Grade 7
Session 1:  Introduction to the Bible
Session 2:  Jesus and the New Testament
Session 3:  Mary, the Mother of God    
Session 4:  The Structure of the Church
Session 5:  The Paschal Mystery
Session 6:  Prayer
Session 7:  Discipleship

Grade 8
Session 1:  Knowing Jesus: The Importance of Prayer 
Session 2:  The Mission of the Catholic Church  
Session 3:  Social Justice and Our Call to Serve  
Session 4:  Deciding as a Catholic - Morality  
Session 5:  Keeping Christ at Center  
Session 6:  Identifying our gifts and striving for holiness  
Session 7:  Living the Faith