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lifewithsaintsAuthor: Rev. James Martin, SJ
ISBN#: 978-0-8294-2644-1
Publisher: Loyola Press
Martin’s fascinating memoir encompasses saints from the whole of Christian history. His saintly friends include Francis of Assisi, Dorothy Day, Ignatius of Loyola, Mother Teresa, and other beloved figures. They accompany the author on a lifelong pilgrimage. This rich, vibrant, stirring narrative shows how the saints can help all of us find our way in the world.    
Category: Sr. High to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

oldturtleAuthor: Douglas Wood
ISBN#: 978-0-439-30908-0
Publisher: Scholastic - 1992
Long ago, the animals, rocks, waters, and trees of the earth began an argument about God. Is He a wind who is never still? Is He a rock that never moves? Is He high above or here among us?     
Category: Age 4 to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

PeopleofNativityAuthor: Marci Alborghetti
Publisher: 23rd Publications 2013
If Christ’s birth and the events leading to it are wonderful to us, imagine what it all meant to the people who experienced it! This nativity story places us directly into the lives of the people who witnessed God made man. Without the people who speak in this book, the Christmas we celebrate might be a very different thing.    
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

prayersawesomegodAuthor: David Haas
ISBN#: 978-0-88489-600-5
Publisher: St. Mary’s Press - 1998
"How can I incorporate the message of the Psalms into my own life?" In Prayers Before an Awesome God: The Psalms for Teenagers, David Haas brings the joy of the Psalms to life in a language that teens can understand. Haas not only helps young people find meaning in the Psalms but also shows them how to incorporate the Psalms into everyday life.    
Category: 7th Grade through Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

prayersforthedomesticchurchlrgAuthor: Edward Hays
ISBN#: 978-0-939516-79-7
Publisher: Forest of Peace, Notre Dame, IN - 2007
Edward Hays sets forth the priestly power of parents and the sacredness of the home in a way that can once again make our communal churches pinwheels of grace and peace that whirl outward, extending to the edges of the universe.    
Category: Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

spiritualexercisesAuthor: Shirley Sullivan
ISBN#: 9780818912535
Publisher: St. Pauls - 2008
very praying of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius involves an intensely personal encounter between the individual and God. As such the Exercises encourage silent listening to "the still, small voice" of God within offering personal guidance and encouragement on the road to transformation in Christ. All this happens within a specific structure wherein God speaks again and again to the soul, meeting that soul at its individual stage of spiritual growth.     
Category: Young Adult & Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

PromisePencilAuthor: Adam Braun
ISBN#: 9781476730639
Publisher: Scribner - 2015
The riveting New York Times bestseller about a young man who built more than 200 schools around the world—and the steps anyone can take to lead a successful and significant life.
Adam Braun began working summers at hedge funds when he was just sixteen years old, sprinting down the path to a successful Wall Street career. But while traveling he met a young boy begging on the streets of India, who after being asked what he wanted most in the world, simply answered, “A pencil.” This small request led to a staggering series of events that took Braun backpacking through dozens of countries before eventually leaving a prestigious job to found Pencils of Promise, the organization he started with just $25 that has since built more than 200 schools around the world.    
Category: College to Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

raisinghappilyAuthor: Robert McCarty
ISBN#: 978-1-932619-03-4
Publisher: National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry (NFCYM) - 2009
In five short chapters, the book touches on the essential points parents need to know about the situation of young people today, their developmental tasks, building their self-esteem and other practical issues in parenting .     
Category: Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - NFCYM Store

rediscovercatholicismAuthor: Matthew Kelly
ISBN#: n/a
Publisher: Beacon Publishing - 2010
In this unique and timely book, Matthew Kelly proposes that Catholicism is not a lifeless set of rules and regulations , but a way of life designed by God to help each person reach his or her full potential. With remarkable insight, Kelly dispels dozens of myths that surround the rejection of Catholicism today and provides a profound and practical vision of what will lead the Catholic Church to thrive again in the future.   
Category: Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

StAnthony&ChristChildAuthor: Helen Walker Homan
ISBN#: 9780898705980
Publisher: Ignatius Press - 1997
Helen Walker Homan contributes her third volume to the Vision Books series of saints for youth in this story of the life of St. Anthony of Padua. Important details of Anthony's life covered by the author include his visit to Morocco, a shipwreck, his meeting with St. Francis in Assisi, his powerful preaching and the miracles he wrought as a follower of Francis.     
Category: 6-8 Grades     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

JoanOfArcAuthor: Louis de Wohl
ISBN#: 9780898708226
Publisher: Ignatius Press -2001
The remarkable life of "Joan of Arc" - Saint Joan - for young readers.     This volume in the Vision Books series of saints for youth combines a world-famous Catholic novelist, Louis de Wohl, with one of the most thrilling and dramatic saints' lives in history, St. Joan of Arc. De Wohl uses his famed narrative skill to tell young people about the brave teenage French girl who had visions and led armies in battle, but also about how her entire life testifies to the amazing power of God's grace.   It's all here: how Joan, a humble maiden in an insignificant town, was told by St. Michael the Archangel, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret to lead the French in battle against the English; how she finally succeeded in convincing the French of the truth of her mission; how she met with fantastic success but was betrayed, captured, and imprisoned; and finally, how she suffered through a politically motivated trial for heresy and was burned at the stake.     
Category: 6-8 Grades     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

stkateriAuthor: Matthew & Margaret Bunson
ISBN#: 9781592767915
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor- 2012
This authoritative account of the first Native American woman to be declared a saint by the Church is sure to inspire you. Discover an extraordinary young woman who was called by Pope Blessed John Paul II, God's "bountiful gift" to His Church and a "sweet, frail yet strong figure of a young woman who died when she was only twenty-four years old: Kateri Tekakwitha, the 'Lily of the Mohawks.'" High School to Category: Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

StKatharineDrexelAuthor: Susan Helen Wallace
ISBN#: 0819870684
Publisher: Pauline - 2003
Susan Helen Wallace, FSP Encounter the Saints Series Experience the adventures and challenges, heroism and holiness of some of the greatest friends of God! Offers intermediate readers a down-to-earth portrayal of the saints. Each distinct story vividly recreates for the intermediate reader the saint's place of origin, family life, and corresponding historical events. Every volume also features a prayer to the saint, as well as a brief glossary. This collection gives children new friends and role models.     
Category: 6-8 Grades     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

biblicallifeandtimesAuthor: Martin C. Albl
ISBN#: 978-0-88489-898-6
Publisher: St. Mary’s Press - 2009
A "MUST HAVE" for every Catholic Household! Understanding biblical people's cultural context is an important skill in biblical literacy. Why were certain animals not okay to eat? What did they use for money, and what did people do for a living? Dr. Martin Albl, is clear and to-the-point in addressing these topics and more. His mini-encyclopedia on biblical life and times will raise your scriptural knowledge and understanding to the next level. A great resource for when a child asks "Why did they do that"? and you do not have a clue!    
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

saints on callAuthor: Christine Gibson
ISBN#: 9780764820342
Publisher: Liguori - 2011
Sometimes moms can feel isolated and inadequate by the trials of motherhood. Other times the triumphs bring her the greatest happiness. Moms seek holiness (and sanity!) through these daily joys and struggles, but it's not always easy. How can she see these experiences with eyes of faith and better realize that she is not alone? Where can she find inspiration for prayer, and friends for her journeys of motherhood? The saints!     
Category: Adult     
Locaation: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

stclareAuthor: Joan Mueller, O.S.C.
ISBN#: 978161365998
Publisher: Franciscan Media - 2013
St. Clare is a much-loved figure in Catholic sainthood, although less known than St. Francis of Assisi. These two figures were critical to the renewal of the Church in their time, and their work has implications far down the ages, to our present time. St. Clare: A Short Biography looks at the founder of the Order of the Poor Ladies (now the Order of Saint Clare, commonly referred to as the Poor Clares), a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition. It .     
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

StDominic&RosaryAuthor: Catherine Beebe
ISBN#: 9780898705188
Publisher: Ignatius Press - 1994
St. Dominic led a life of excitement and adventure. As a boy he sold his books to feed the poor and offered himself as ransom for a prisoner. His greatest adventures came when he walked from town to town and stood fearlessly in the market to preach.     
Category: Grades 6-8     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

StFrancisShortBioAuthor: Kathleen M. Carroll
ISBN#: 9781616365219
Publisher: Franciscan Media - 2012
St. Francis: A Short Biography presents a portrait of the world's most-loved saint as a person who read the Gospels and incorporated them into his life and times, who held convictions that caused him distress, who changed the world through his focus on the challenges of living the Gospel. His work still resonates today, hundreds of years later, with both Christians and non-Christians alike.     
Category: High School - Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

StIgnatiuscompayJesusAuthor: August Derleth
ISBN#: 9780898707229
Publisher: Ignatius Press - 1999
This Vision book tells the exciting, dramatic story of St. Ignatius of Loyola and the order he founded, the Society of Jesus. As a young man, Ignatius had dreams of an adventurous life as a soldier. His dreams, however, did not come true the way he had hoped. Seriously wounded in battle, the soldier Ignatius had a profound conversion to Christ during his period of healing and recovery. He abandoned a promising career in the military and dedicated the rest of his life to the service of Christ and the Church. This book tells of his starting one of the most influential orders in the church, and gives a graphic account of his adventures his many encounters with popes, kings and emperors and the great work the Jesuits did in spreading the Gospel.   
Category: Grades 6-8     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

StIsaac&IndiansAuthor: Milton Lomask
ISBN#: 9780898703559
Publisher: Ignatius Press - 1991
Over three hundred years ago, many Frenchmen came to the unknown forests along the St. Lawrence River. Most of them came in search of furs and wealth. But there were some--a handful of Jesuit missionaries--who came not to get, but to give. They wished to give the Indians the knowledge of God and of His love for them. One of these missionaries was Isaac Jogues, martyr and Saint. This is the story of his dangerous and difficult life among the Indian tribes in their tree-dark country--of his work of conversion. This is the inspiring story of his enslavement by the Mohawks, his daring escape, and finally, his death as a martyr for the Faith.   
Category: Grades 6-8     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

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