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goaltogoAuthor: James Penrice
ISBN#: 0-8189-0702-9
Publisher: St. Pauls - 1994
Football is often considered a "religion" but seldom do we hear of the very real spiritual aspects of the game. Football is a wonderful source of Christina symbolism and allegory, as it reflects many of the struggles we face in our spiritual lives: the need for constant conversions,  the presence of opposing forces and the setbacks they cause, the need for a "playbook" and the wisdom it gives, our dependence on our "Quarterback" and our fears of being overcome by our opponents, just to name a few. Goal to Goal draws upon the imagery and metaphors of football to discuss Christian faith. A great book for players, coaches and fans!     
Category: High School to Adult     
Location: YC - Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com

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