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fourpebblesAuthor: Marion Blumenthal Lazan & Lila Perl
ISBN#: 0-688-14294-X
Publisher: Greenwillow Books, New York - 1996
If she could find four perfect pebbles of almost exactly the same size and shape, it meant that her family would remain whole. Mama and papa and she and Albert would survive Bergen-Belsen. The four of them might even survive the Nazis' attempt to destroy every last Jew in Europe.   
Category: 7th Grade through Adult     
Location: Ridgewood PL - Amazon.com - LOOK INSIDE

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Our Parish Library contains a list of recommended books for all age groups in many different categories.
You can find these in different locations:
Ridgewood Public Library (Ridgewood PL), The Youth Center (YC) and at Amazon.com