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Dear Friends,
Varia, again – more different subject, mostly unrelated.

- The Cooperative Mission Appeal. Each year, every parish in the United States is asked to host a missionary, sometimes a priest, sometimes a religious (nuns, brothers or priests), sometimes a lay person, who talks about the particular missionary work of their diocese, religious order, or lay institute. A parish doesn’t get to pick which mission group makes the presentation. That’s decided by the local diocesan Mission Office. This year Mount Carmel was assigned a specific place, Hospital Sacre’ Coeur, Milot, Haiti.

Established by the French Canadian Brothers of the Sacred Heart in 1986, the hospital has grown from an original 12 beds to 200 today. It is the center of medical care for 250,000 Haitians, and after the earthquake of 2010, and the recent hurricanes and Cholera and Zika epidemics, has also been called upon to feed, clothe and shelter thousands of people. The speaker will be Dr. David Butler, of the staff of Holy Name Medical Center in Teaneck which has developed a relationship with Sacre’ Coeur. The appeal will take place next weekend at all the masses. More information is printed on Page 4 of this bulletin.

- Congratulations and Prayers. If you have been around at OLMC long enough, I’m sure you remember Fr. Peter (Baldacchino). He came here as a newly ordained in 1996 and was transferred in 1999. He was a ball of fire, always on the move. He threw himself into the life of this parish, and did it with great enthusiasm and joy. He never refused any assignment I asked him to do. He was the embodiment of total, dedicated service. After he left Mount Carmel, he spent 15 years in the Turks and Caicos Islands, bringing new Gospel life to those Islands, paradise for visitors but not for a working missionary. I have often said the growth of the Mission can be directly attributed to Fr. Peter’s drive and commitment. In 2014, Fr. Peter became Bishop Peter, Auxiliary Bishop of Miami. Two weeks ago, Bishop Peter was appointed Ordinary, diocesan Bishop, of the Diocese of Las Cruces, New Mexico, serving 157,000 Catholics, in 47 parishes, with 61 priests, over 44,500 square miles across the southern part of New Mexico.

John Ginty has been a parishioner of Mount Carmel for twenty years. By profession, he is an attorney. He has been active as an usher and a member of the Knights of Columbus and has been walking in one of the communities of the Neocatechumenal Way. John entered Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the Missionary Seminary of the Archdiocese, where Fr. Peter, Fr. Ivan, Fr. Sean and Fr. Kevin were formed and trained. Last Sunday, John was ordained a transitional deacon by Cardinal Tobin. A transitional deacon baptizes, preaches, can officiate at weddings – all as part of preparation for ordination to the priesthood which, God willing, will happen for John in May, 2020. Rev. Mr. (Deacon) John Ginty has been assigned to exercise his diaconal ministry at Nativity, Midland Park.

We congratulate Bishop Peter Baldacchino and Deacon John Ginty on these special moments of their lives and we assure them of our prayers for an ever-deepening relationship with the Lord and ever expanding ministry in His name with His people. Ad Multos Annos.

- Speaking of Assignments. In one of my columns at the beginning of the year, I mentioned that parish revenues have been declining while parish expenses have been increasing. We are now at a point when the parish needs to address this reality. Those who have been around for many years may remember (or may not) that from 2006 until 2012, the parish was served by three priests. In fact, it was a pure accident that the parish went to four priests in 2012, where we have remained. But the time has come to bite the bullet and return to the days of three parish priests. In light of this, Fr. Tony Kuizon will be leaving our parish sometime in June to take up a new assignment. At the same time, one of our full time lay staff is also leaving, Michael Cesario, Assistant Parish Catechetical Leader. Once again, because of budget constraints he will be replaced by a part time person. Other budget cuts will probably be necessary as time goes on. In addition to the two I have already mentioned, two others will be leaving, as they move from the area, Kevin and Barbara Cheslak Postava. Though they were “unpaid” volunteers, they contributed significantly to the life of the parish in their role as Coordinators of the parish RCIA program, the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the program preparing adults for full initiation into the Catholic faith. I thank all of them for the service and contributions to the life of this community.

- Welcome. In the days when we were only three priests, we often welcomed a visiting priest who helped during the summer months, for instance Fr. George, Fr. Alberto, Fr. Sujan. Memorial Day evening, Fr. William Murmu, Chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, will arrive to help us through the months of June, July and August. It will give us the opportunity to learn about the Church in a different part of the world, as well as to share the way we live our Catholic faith here in the West. I am sure everyone will give him a warm welcome. More about him in the future.

- Memorial Day weekend. This is the Memorial Day weekend. With runs (the marathon type) and barbeques and other social gatherings, let’s not forget the cause of these celebrations – the sacrifice of men and women, from the founding of the Republic, to establish, preserve and protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans, in the giving of their lives. Join us for our special Mass in their honor at 8:30 AM, Monday, May 27th. If you cannot, take a moment during the day to remember them.

Happy Memorial Day & God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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