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Dear Friends,
I want to say a big word of thanks to all those who were involved in the inaugural 1923 Society Gala for the benefit of our school, the Academy of Our Lady. While “officially” honoring myself and Mrs. Patricia Keenaghan, the Gala really honored the Academy of Our Lady, the successor school to two great parochial schools, Our Lady of Mount Carmel School, founded in 1923 (hence the name of the Gala) and St. Catharine’s School, founded in 1954. I want to thank the committee for their tireless efforts in making this first Gala such a great success. And I want to thank everyone who supported it, the sponsors and all those who attended. It really was a great evening.

1923galaI am proud of many things in my association with the Academy. I mentioned that evening that the first graduating class in my first full year as pastor of Mount Carmel was the class of 1998. That would make them about 34 years old now. I know they and all those who have followed have been a great witness to the value of a Catholic education and I am proud of them all. But I am most proud of two things, as I said that night. During that first year, the principal, Sr. Mary Elizabeth DeBoer announced she was leaving at the end of that year and it was necessary to find a new principal. The two pastors were to make the choice of that new principal. I had said that I preferred a “woman religious,” meaning a nun. When we interviewed the two finalists, it was clear God was sending us a “religious woman,” instead, Mrs. Patricia Keenaghan, and she proved to be a great blessing for the school and deserved the honor that was accorded her that evening.

The second thing I am most proud of is the reality that two parishes can come together and sponsor a Catholic school that truly belongs to both. As I have said many times at Mass, while the campus may not be here, the school is as much ours’ as it is St. Catharine’s. It is the mindset of the school community, the staff and the parish that makes it ours, the place where our children learn about God, the place where the presence of Jesus and His love permeates the atmosphere, the place where a community, formed in His name, lives and flourishes. I am privileged to have been, and to continue to be, a part of that community. One of the comments I frequently heard from some who attended the Gala, who no longer have children of school age, or whose children never attended Catholic school was the sense of community they felt at the Gala that night, the love, and the joy of really being one school community, coming from two parish communities.

I continue to invite all our parish families with younger children to look into the Academy as a place where children can grow, as was said of the boy of Nazareth, “in wisdom, age and grace” (meaning the presence of God). It’s a great place to see that happen and it belongs to both of us, the community of St. Catharine and the community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

Once again, a big Thank You, to all.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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