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Dear Friends,
Last weekend, we began our annual Stewardship Renewal, with the Stewardship of Talent. In many ways, I would have to confess that I believe the Stewardship of Talent is the most important leg of the stewardship tripod, because it really does have a profound influence on the way a parish lives and breathes. The parishes that are alive with the presence of Christ and active in bringing that presence into the world are the parishes that invite all parishioners to use their gifts to build the Kingdom of God, to engage all parishioners in the work of evangelization, announcing the message of the Gospel, both within and outside of the parish community.

As I mentioned in my homily last weekend, Stewardship is A Disciple’s Response, a way of looking at the gifts that God has entrusted to us and how we use those gifts to carry out the will of the Master so that we might prove ourselves to be found trustworthy to receive that greatest gift – the gift of eternal life. So, it is not a program that we sign up for; it is a perspective through which we view the whole of our Christian life.

How? By using the gifts that God has given us, the gift of our Time, the gift of the Talents we have, and the gift of the Treasure with which we have been blessed, all to deepen discipleship, to further the work of the Gospel and to acknowledge, with gratitude, all that God has done for us.

This weekend, we celebrate and reflect on the Stewardship of Time. Actually, we probably should have started with that last weekend but wanted to do Talent because of the tent and the need to have a chance at good (warm) weather. But Time is the easiest of God’s gifts to understand. You’re alive, right? Because God has given you time. If we’re away, when we return the most obvious question people might ask us is, “did you have a good time?” or “what did you do?” Well, what do you do with your time? Are you spending your time running around, making money, seeing people, driving the kids, texting, tweeting, playing video games or fantasy football, building “your” world? Where is God in it? Surveys on how people spend their time still show, working, sleeping and eating at the top of the list and religious activities at the bottom.

In the Stewardship of Time, our self-reflection, first and foremost, should be around the question, do I pray enough? Am I in contact enough with God? Jesus, Himself, the disciples, the great spiritual writers down through the centuries all were close to God in prayer and all taught the importance of the Time we give to God through and in prayer. That prayer can take whatever form is most rewarding, formal prayer (the Rosary), meditative and contemplative prayer, scripture reading, Adoration in the Eucharistic Chapel. It is a moment and a form that puts us in touch with God and God with us. I have heard testimony from many people of how the time in the Adoration Chapel brings peace and solace and calms many anxieties and storms in their lives. This closeness with the Lord is the jumping off place for the disciple committed to building God’s Kingdom. Prayer, and especially the Eucharist, is the spiritual

food that provides us the strength to walk the journey of faith, following the Master’s voice. Without this relationship with Him, nothing else is possible.

The Stewardship of Time also refers to the time we give in the ministries we become involved in, the time we spend in the corporal works of mercy (visiting the sick, feeding or clothing the hungry or naked). In short, the Stewardship of Time is all the time we spend building God’s kingdom and not our own. This is at the heart of any reflection on the Stewardship of Time – of the 168 hours in a week, what amount of time is given to God and His Kingdom for, sooner or later, we will have to give an account of our stewardship to the Master.

Let’s all put our time to “good use.”

God Bless
Fr. Ron

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