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Dear Friends,
Thanks to all who wondered if I was OK because I didn’t write a column for last Sunday’s bulletin. I’m fine, just a little bout of mental laziness.

Speaking of last week, there may have been some confusion about the raffle for the Academy of Our Lady. In the past, raffle tickets cost $100 for the Grand Prize of $25,000. I think it’s been harder and harder to sell those $100 tickets so the Committee has replaced that raffle with this new one—A Calendar Raffle. I’ll admit, I never heard of this before. In the Calendar Raffle, a prize is drawn every day in June, July, August and the first five days of September, $100 on most Fridays with the last Friday of each month being $300, $50 on all the other days and $4,000 on the last day, September 5th. And even if you win, your ticket stays in the pot for the whole 97 days. That gives the ticket holder multiple chances to win. And the tickets cost only $20. All proceeds go for the benefit of the school. I hope and encourage everyone to take at least one ticket. It’s definitely worth it. Raffle tickets will not be available this weekend because of the “Shake the Can” drive of the Knights of Columbus, for the benefit of the developmentally disabled but tickets will be available on several weekends in May.

And speaking of the Academy again, I’m happy to announce the hiring of a new principal for our school. After the departure of our principal, Mr. Roberts for St. Joseph’s Regional, Mr. Jim Newman was good enough to come out of retirement for the year so the School Office could search for an outstanding candidate. I’m grateful to Mr. Newman for his generosity in doing this. He has truly been a great interim and has contributed much to the development of the Academy. Now, I am happy to announce the appointment of Dr. Patrick Martin as the new principal of the Academy of Our Lady. Dr. Martin has a doctorate from Columbia University and decades of experience as a principal and superintendent of schools. One of the best things I liked about him in the interviews was his desire, after his retirement from the public school system, to give back to God, through the Catholic school, his thanks for the blessings God has given him. A true living out of Stewardship in his life. Welcome, Dr. Martin.

And speaking of children, last Saturday we entered into the six weeks in the life of the parish that are marked by the two great Sacraments of Eucharist and Confirmation. Within these six weeks, almost 600 of our young people will be receiving their First Holy Communion or be confirmed in their faith with the gift of the Holy Spirit. It should be a moment of great encouragement for the whole parish to know that so many families give faith in Jesus such an important place in their lives that they ask the Church to confer on their children these two Sacraments. This year, I did something different. I went through the baptism register for the period covering the births of our 1st Communicants to see how many were baptized here. There were fewer than I thought, meaning many families joined the parish after the births of these children. Of those who were, all of the priests, except myself, have already moved on to other assignments. My point is this – we continue to be blessed by so many families for whom faith is an important part of their lives and who continue to try to make Jesus alive for their children. And these families strengthen the faith of the community at large, no matter the names of the priests that serve here. And so I ask you, in these six weeks, to keep not only the children who are making these sacraments in your prayers, but all the families as well. In our world, where families can be so stressed with all that’s expected of them, and their schedules can be so hectic, pray that these families continue to strive to welcome Christ in their lives, the Christ who simply wants to walk with them in this harrowing journey we call life.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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