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Dear Friends,
All focus this weekend will be on the Super Bowl. There will be hours of endless coverage, scores of interviews, numerous “in depth analysis.” And pre-game activities that will seem to start at the stroke of midnight. Maybe I could be a little more interested if Big Blue were in it but, then again, if they were, I might not be on the slopes of Killington, enjoying fresh air and maybe even a little fresh powder. I can hope, anyway. Enjoy the game, and the partying, especially those who are Eagles or Patriots fans. Can the game end in a tie? (Of course not – but one can imagine).

Moving on to loftier things. You know that here at Mount Carmel, we have many ministries and charisms. I would explain the difference as ministries serve particular needs, either liturgical, educational/formational, etc., but charisms as a spiritual power. Charisms can also be a ministry as it is a moment of service to others. Among the charisms I would include Cornerstone, which is a spiritual power, unleashed by the Spirit, into individual lives, to deepen faith.

Another charism would be the Neocatechumenal Way, an itinerary of post-baptismal formation which begins with the catechesis which the parish presents in the fall of each year. The Way seeks to rediscover the journey of faith, to shed a clearer light on the joy and renewed enthusiasm of the encounter with Christ. As part of this itinerary and as a way of spreading this Good News of Jesus Christ, members of the Way will once again be going door-to-door in the community to announce the love of God for every person. They will not be taking the census, or asking people to return to church or the parish, or inviting people to become Catholic, or selling something. They will simply announce that God loves them and move on, unless invited in for further conversation. I know this is somewhat unusual for Catholics, and we have not done it in a number of years, but a word of hope is something that might help all of us, especially in the face of so much darkness and despair in our world today.

Next weekend, there will be two important messages to convey. It will be the Sunday right before the beginning of Lent on that Wednesday, Ash Wednesday, February 14th. I will save most of my column on Lent for next Sunday. It will also be PLEDGE SUNDAY, for SHARING GOD’S BLESSINGS. The former Annual Appeal. Some statistics on last year’s appeal. 475 donors contributed $204,785.33 and the parish received back a rebate totaling $44,371.74. For those of you who remember, the highest gift from the parish to the appeal in years past was over $300,000. So, we have fallen off quite a bit. And so I want to give you a couple of good reasons to be part of our parish’s effort to help others in need throughout our Archdiocese.

First, the Appeal reaches out in Caring For the Vulnerable, hearing the words of Christ when He challenges us, “I was hungry and you gave Me food, thirsty, and you gave me drink.” The Cardinal reminds us in the video that the Appeal supports the work of Catholic Charities (that support totals over 1.5 million dollars), in serving over 80,000 people a year, including the homeless, the hungry, the addicted, those with depression and other serious mental health ailments.

But physical needs are not the only needs people have. What about the spiritual needs of our brothers and sisters in faith? Because Proclaiming the Gospel is the Church’s essential mission, the Appeal supports financially challenged parishes to carry on that mission to do just that, parishes that struggle to pay bills, to keep staff , to fix leaking roofs and repair boilers. We’re blessed in Ridgewood to worship in this beautiful place, well lit and well heated, protected from the winter elements. There are parishes, especially in our cities, that are not so blessed. Parishes with leaking roofs, falling bell towers, where worshippers shiver in cold churches. Shouldn’t our brothers and sisters, struggling to make ends meet for themselves, also have the consolations of faith we have?

The Sharing God’s Blessings Appeal helps make all these things, and others besides, happen. On Pledge Sunday, next Sunday (2/11), please help by making a pledge. I know many are still fulfilling their commitment to the We Are Living Stones campaign (as I am), but perhaps the recent tax cut might help you make a pledge to this year’s Appeal as well. All that will happen next Sunday.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

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