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By Katharine Clemente, 4th Grade Teacher at Academy of Our Lady


Once again the title of this article shamelessly references our Spring musical, Beauty and the Beast Jr. and of course, I encourage everyone to join us the first weekend of May for our theatrical presentation, but advertising the show is not the purpose of this message.

Last year’s piece focused on the feeling of nostalgia and family that I have experienced since coming back to work at Academy of Our Lady. It focused on how wonderful I think our school is, and has always been. I assured readers that our faculty, staff, and students felt that way too.

Well, Readers, it is time you saw for yourselves.

Whether you are searching for a school for your child or grandchild, or are simply interested in seeing early faith formation at its finest, attend one of our Open Houses this week. It is important that our parish communities realize the work we are doing in building the Kingdom of Heaven. Whether it is in the use of the STEM Design Process by our first grade students, the preparation for First Communion, the pairing of older and younger students to foster a feeling of family through Prayer Partner groups, the appreciation for our multicultural world through the sixth grade country reports, the show of good sportsmanship both on and off the playing fields, and our various school-wide philanthropic works, our students are spreading the Good News by simply being the best they can be. They are our best ambassadors for Catholic education, and they are our best hope for the future of the Catholic Church.

Choosing Catholic schools makes a difference. Starting the day with a prayer makes a difference. It makes a difference in my day, and while students may not have the true appreciation or understanding of it yet, it makes a difference in their day too. The best we can hope for is that it continues to make a difference in their lives. May it remind them of a greater responsibility and that they can take comfort in the fact that, with God, they are never alone. As a Catholic School, we are uniquely armed with the tools to not only develop academic knowledge, but also students’ character and catechism. Having faith in God comes to mean more than just going to church. It means showing kindness, having empathy, and standing up for what is right.

I derive great satisfaction from witnessing them learn in the classroom, but nothing quite matches the pride and joy I feel when they pray together, or sing hymns together, or most importantly when they live their faith by simply being kind to one another. So not only as an educator, but as a fellow member of the Catholic Church, I invite you to be our guest, and come see the difference for yourself.

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