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Dear Friends,
In the Christmas Message, sent to all the parish households, Jesus is identified as “light to our path.” There is still so much darkness in our world. The recent attacks in New York, as well as the security precautions we face every time we board a plane, reminds us of the potential for terror that lurks just below the surface of our daily lives. There are still thousands who are homeless and jobless, still living in darkness, three months after the devastation of Hurricanes Irma & Maria, in South Texas and numerous islands of the Caribbean. Thousands are still dying of starvation and genocide in the Southern Arabian Peninsula and Southeast Asia. And there is the daily anxiety for the safety of the men and women in our Armed Services, our relatives and friends, in far-off Iraq and Afghanistan, and the “peace-keeping” mission in Africa, which recently saw the deaths of five American soldiers. Yes, there is plenty of darkness around us.

Into this darkness comes the promise of Light. Even in the dark times of this past year, the ray of Light has shone. It shines with each visit by a Pastoral Visitor to one of our homebound, or a patient in the hospital. It shines with each casserole, prepared and delivered to the Father English Center in Paterson, not to mention the extraordinary outpouring of generosity after the recent fire they experienced. It shines with each item of food or clothing dropped off at the Passaic Street entrance for young mothers in Jersey City. That light shines with the hundreds of gifts placed around the Sharing Tree in these last weeks of Advent. It shines with every smile, every outstretched hand to the men and women who come to stay in the Overflow Shelter in the cold (or not-so-cold) months when Mount Carmel is scheduled to host them. It shines on the faces of the men, women and children that are helped through the tithe on our weekly giving which the parish distributes through the Sharing Our Gifts program.

I am convinced that the Light shines in our parish, every minute of every day. Sometimes it’s noticeable, like the sounds and voices of our five choirs, raised in song and praise at our 12th Annual Christmas Concert, two weeks ago. And sometimes it shines, unnoticed but by one or two, in the quiet giving of comfort and peace at a hospital bed. But that Light shines because of you – and the wonderful giving of yourselves, without return, except for the knowledge that God lives and loves in you.

May I close with this year’s Christmas Message. “In the beginning was the WORD.” THE WORD: Generations follow generations, Yet HE lives. Nations rise and fall, Yet HE lives. Kings and Queens and Presidents come and go, Yet HE lives. HE lives: As light to our path, As food for the hungry, As rest for the weary, As hope for the lost. The WORD: To know Him is to love HIM, and to love HIM is to have life eternal. So, this season, accept the gift of the Father, Jesus Christ, the WORD, and become like HIM – A word of love.

God bless, and a joyous season to all,
Fr. Ron

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