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Dear Friends,
A big thank you to the members of our 5 choirs who helped us all get into the spirit of the Christmas as they performed for us in the Christmas Concert a week ago this past Friday evening. Every one of them was outstanding and the extraordinary thing is that we have 5 choirs; the Children’s Choir, the Contemporary Choir, the Spanish Choir, the Adult Choir and the Bell Choir. And four of these choirs sing every week to help us celebrate the Eucharist better, the Children’s Choir at the 9:30AM, the Contemporary Choir at the 6:30PM, the Spanish Choir at the 3:00PM and the Adult Choir at the 11:00AM. What a great tribute to the generosity (of time) and talent of so many who offer their voices in praise of the Lord. Thanks again, choir members. And we can’t forget the instrumentalists who both accompanied them and did a solo themselves. They also play on Sundays. And to the cantors for the inspirational and magnificent harmony of the variation on the Ave Maria. And to the directors who keep it all together. And to the volunteers who handled the wonderful reception and to Bartlett Tree who did an exceptional job with the tree lights this year.

Christmas is only one week away. I mentioned in my homily last Sunday that Advent is the time to “rekindle the inner light which confirms the blessing and promise of the Lord,” (Fr. Alfred Delp) because life has a way of clouding up that light. Those clouds can be the sickness and death of those we love, estrangements within our families, concerns over our children and grandchildren, marriage problems, addictions in the lives of those we love, economic fears, fears over our safety and a host of other modern day problems, many of which we can do little or nothing about to correct or change. But those clouds can also include our sins, and these we can do something about. If you’ve been carrying around sins that weigh you down and cloud your vision of the light of the Lord’s blessings and promise in your life, the Sacrament of Reconciliation confession, can dispel those clouds. Take the step. Now’s the time. With everything that’s going on in the world, we can find true inner peace. The Parish Penance Service, with time for individual confessions, is celebrated Wednesday evening at 7:30 PM. Confessions will be heard next Saturday, December 23rd, from 1:00pm to 3:00pm with all four priests hearing. Don’t miss this chance to let that light shine through.

God Bless,
Fr. Ron

PS. Below you will find the final reflections from some of our young people who attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis a few weeks ago.

On NCYC I was able to learn how to listen for God’s call. God calls me each and everyday to live a life of holiness. I can pray and talk to God and say what I want for my life and ask him to change my heart and help me hear his call if that’s not what is right for me. I also learned that I should proclaim my faith everyday after the stories of Saint José Sánchez del Río and other Catholics my age.
- Will Gagan

The idea of 25,000 teenagers coming together is incredible. As we all came together our faith flourished. We weren’t afraid to approach each other and connect with each other knowing that we all have a common connection. Personally, I got to meet new people from the parish and all across the country. Considering I go to OLMC, but I am not from Ridgewood. So for me this was great because now the people I grew so close too, I can still spend time with. So for me this exceeded my expectations and I will definitely be going back in 2019!
- Christopher Pico

Reflecting back on NCYC I have realized that it was the source of one of the biggest changes in my faith. Through the workshops, stadium sessions, and interactions I had with the other attendees I was able to gain new insight into my faith. I learned that I was put on this Earth to spread my faith and ultimately make it to Heaven. Upon leaving NCYC I have tried to make this mission at a forefront of my actions. I would recommend going on NCYC to anyone who has the ability to.
- Tara Lahey

NCYC was an incredible experience that will positively impact my life forever. It was a great balance of causal and serious activities, and all the workshops, concerts and talks really helped me strengthen my faith. I also became closer with other teenagers from OLMC and got to meet some extremely interesting people from all over America. The idea that all 25,000 of us shared the same faith touched me deeply, especially since we were all from different areas and had our own lives back home. When I left NCYC, I was ready to come home and use what I had learned to build a stronger connection with God. I was also prepared to overcome any obstacles that I would encounter and lead a better life overall. I'm so grateful for the people and events that made this a once -in-a-lifetime retreat.
- Lucy Kaczmarski

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