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Dear Friends,
As I mentioned last week, I have been on retreat all week and so I turn my column over to five young people who share their reactions to their attendance at the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis a couple of weekends ago.

During my time in Indianapolis, I was astounded by the sheer amount of young people who chose to travel from all over the country to take part in this event. Some kids came from within the state of Indiana, while others came from Alaska, California, New Orleans, Louisiana and so many more places. Before the trip, I expected to be surprised by the amount of people there, but the real shock was when all ~25 thousand of us sat down for mass, on the last night. Just the idea that 25 thousand teenagers, just like me, all made the decision to take 2 days off of school, forfeit any other weekend plans, travel to a city (brand new to most of us,) all for the one thing every single person shared, their faith. I am so grateful that I had a Church and Youth Group willing to take the 14 hour bus ride to make this pilgrimage.
Liam Shea

I recently spent a long weekend in Indianapolis for the National Catholic Youth Conference. Walking into Lucas Oil Stadium that first time was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I was in a room full of over 20,000 people, yet I could safely say we all had one thing in common: our faith. Throughout the NCYC weekend I met people from all around the country and heard the many different experiences each person has had in their own parish. I spent each day listening to inspirational stories from both successful adults to teenagers just like me. Each person had a different reason as to why they were there. Some felt they already had a strong faith in God, some felt that they had lost the connection and needed to get it back. I went to two workshops a day and each one had a unique perspective as well as a lesson to be learned. Everyone was happy to be there and everyone knew the importance of a once in a lifetime trip like this. For those four days we all felt a part of something so special, and I will never forget the sense of belonging I felt when surrounded by 20,000 people who share the same faith as me.
Laura Dever

For me, this experience was life-changing. I had heard great things about NCYC from people who attended it two years ago; however all of the expectations I had were beyond exceeded. It was amazing to see 25,000 people like me gathered in one place who were all extremely passionate about our Catholic faith and understood the true importance of it. Each keynote speaker inspired me in different ways and helped me look at my faith in a new way through powerful analogies. For example, a nun who spoke to us compared our lives to a baseball career. She said we shouldn't define our lives based on the strikeouts because there is a much bigger picture and purpose. In addition, each workshop I attended was unique and provided me with several messages that helped me better understand my faith and grow my relationship with God. One of the most astounding things I encountered on this trip were the people I came across while walking around the thematic village. Although they weren't keynote speakers, they made a huge impact on me. The passion they have for their faith and the genuine kindness in their hearts gave me an entirely new outlook on my life and further inspired me to be the best person I can be and live in God's image every day of my life.
Callie Orsini

While waiting for the bus at Kearny prior to our departure for NCYC, I was filled with excitement and also suspicion about what was in store. Being a senior, I knew that I couldn't miss such a unique experience and was wholeheartedly ready to strengthen my relationship with God. I knew there was more to my faith and wanted to see what it would feel like to be fully immersed in it. The weekend was very moving and emotional to me. Through intelligent presenters, eye-opening workshops, inspirational key note speakers and beautiful music, I found myself in a way I never had before. There is nothing as powerful as praying in a stadium with 25,000 other teenagers. I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I had to attend NCYC and to have such an important role model as Glen in my life. I will forever remember the friends I made, the relationships I strengthened, the funny moments my youth group experienced together and most of all, the genuine happiness I felt. The numerous pins and goofy hats were fun and allowed me to talk to others from across the nation and the various songs that were preformed are still playing in my head. I am so lucky to call youth group my home and those involved my family. Now that we are back from Indianapolis, it is now our job to go out and spread the love.
Olivia Loccke

Looking back on NCYC and thinking about all the fun I had, a few things that stuck with me is the amazing atmosphere and how kind everyone one was to each other. It was so fascinating to see how amazing and inspiring the speakers were during the conference. I would like to thank Glen’s hard work that he put in to make this happen.
Stephen Pfeiffer

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